The “Liquid Engine Component” that realizes
100% performance of Yamaha products

YAMALUBE MARINE OIL is the best choice for your Yamaha Outboard

Yamalube Marine Oil is formulated to deliver the best in performance you would have expected from your Yamaha Outboard Engines, and in providing the optimum protection for your investment at the same time.

The Yamalube Marine Oil range has been developed specifically for Yamaha Outboard Engines, as our Yamaha Engineers have taken into full consideration of the different types of marine conditions that the Yamaha Outboard Engines are going through in your markets.

Every single component found in the Yamalube Marine Oil has gone through stringent checks and testing (from base oils, additives, anticorrosion, & anti-rust cleansing agents) in achieving that the best marine oil is being made, just for the Yamaha Outboard Engines.

Using Yamalube Marine Oil every time ensures enhanced cleanliness of your engine components and inhibiting sludge formation. The powerful antioxidant action protects and keeps the engine parts clean.

"Base Oil"

“Base Oil”, our carefully chosen material
Base oil is the critical ingredient in making engine oil and other oils. By refining crude oil or performing chemical treatments and blending, base oil can be made to have various properties. As an engine manufacturer, Yamaha carefully selects and uses the base oil best suited to various engine characteristics and their operating environments.

The optimal additive for
Yamaha products

Additives enhance the ability of base oil, and are essential to high-performance oil. The performance of oil depends on the blend of additives which have various effects, such as “stabilizing oil viscosity” and “keeping the inside of the engine clean”. We have carefully adjusted the additive ratio of YAMALUBE in order to maximize the performance of Yamaha engines.

Always use genuine engine oil as recommended by Yamaha